Taking Innocent Lives

Posted: October 21, 2010 in News
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By Nicola Hansford

On 5 October 2010, a six-week-old baby was reported to have been abducted from the Khayelitsha day hospital in Cape Town, as told by the Cape Town police officials.

The 18 year-old mother had visited the hospital for a routine check-up. While waiting for a doctor, she claimed she needed to go to the toilet and had asked a stranger to look after her baby. Captain Anneke van der Vyver, spokesperson for Khayelitsha police, said that a woman had approached the mother before she went to the toilet and had offered to look after the baby.

“The woman told the mother that the toilet was very dirty and that she would hold the baby while the mother was inside. When she returned five minutes later, the woman and her baby were gone.” The mother immediately started enquiring about the woman and her baby but no one could help her.

The very next day, Tuesday 6 October 2010, the baby was found and the mother has been arrested.

“The breakthrough came after community members, three ladies, saw footage of the mother on the television. They recognised her and realised that she, in fact, took a baby into Greenpoint, between the shacks, and returned empty handed,” said Captain Anneke van der Vyver.

The three women immediately reported what they had seen to the police, who followed up on the reported information and then interrogated the young mother. “After the 18-year-old mother was interrogated, she took the police to the spot where she dumped the baby. His body was covered with a corrugated iron plate,” said Van der Vyver.

The six-week-old baby, Simamkele Baleni, was found in the informal settlement at about 21:30. The mother was arrested for murder and perjury. She will appear in court soon.

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