Strikes and Vandalism: SA schools in crises

Posted: October 26, 2010 in News
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By Claricia Coeries

Government officials are hopeful about the education in schools, promising better education programs, assistance to teachers and improved service to schools in need. But is this enough? What about the security of the schools, the children and the facilities they use on a daily basis?

While teachers across the country were striking and children left to pass the time, many school buildings became victims to extreme vandalism. A primary school in Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth in particular, suffered serious damage to the ceiling, windows and school appliances. Vandalisers also ripped out electric circuits and bulbs which were used in the classrooms. 

Distressed teachers arrived at the school ready to start the new term, only to find that all of the stationery, books, and learning materials had been stolen or damaged beyond use. This is just one of the many schools in less privileged communities where schools are left to ensure their own safety without any assistance. This is a huge disappointment to the school, since they recently received donations to improve the school’s facilities.

According to Sean Abrahams, the principal of the school, the damage will cost the school thousands of rands to repair. An emergency meeting has been called with local councilors to discuss ways in which they can improve the security at the school.


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