Fashion Comebacks

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Fashion

By Yandiswa Vokwana

If someone had told me back in the early 90’s to keep my stirrup pants in good shape because they will be coming back with a bang, I would have laughed at the person, but now seeing all the 80’s and early 90’s fashion coming back, I wish someone had warned me not to throw away my lace tops because right now I feel so out of fashion. I was once a believer in the philosophy that “if you wore the trend, do not wear it a second time”. But in the case of leggings, hats, shoulder pads, acid wash jeans and lace, I have amended that to “If you wore a trend once, don’t wear it the same way the second time”.

Leggings: the massive comeback worn by children to grandmothers. Back in the days, young women wore leggings to be provocative and sexy, and because of the way they were worn with high heels, leather jackets, big hair, bigger earrings and dark lips, the look came off as a bit trashy. This time, young women aren’t just wearing leggings with tunics, dresses and skirts as a fashion defence, but if your skirt is too short then leggings are just the right cover. If you are cold and still feel like wearing your short skirt, then wear leggings, and if you haven’t bothered to shave then leggings are your answer.

There is a difference between leggings and footless tights in the fabric and sheerness. Leggings are slightly bulkier while tights make legs more visible. When wearing super-short skirts or tunics, go with leggings not tights. For a dressier look, choose footless tights. These are not pants, so always keep your bum covered with another piece of clothing. To be honest, leggings are not for every woman. If you have chunky ankles, big thighs or large calves, they are not going to be your most flattering look. When you wear them, pick a length that stops at the thinnest part of your calf or ankle for the best visual effect.

Hats have always been a part of the cold-weather dress code, but this year they go beyond serving as head-warming apparel. Chauffeur caps and furry flap bomber hats have made a huge comeback. As if hats are not enough, shoulder pads are also back with a bang. I never liked them the first time around and I used to cut mine out of all my clothes, as it was really hard to get clothes without them sewn in. This time around, I think they look great and have an extra dimension to them and give ladies a pair of broad, angled shoulders.

The biggest shocker to me was acid wash jeans. I never thought they would come back into fashion but they did, and I must say that some people pull them off well. With great and modern styling, even I have to say that they look fine.

Another big comeback is lace. Lace is good with some designs, but some people are just trying to bring the 80’s feel to it and then it ends up looking bad.

I always thought that one day my children would laugh when they see the clothes that we wear now: skinny jeans, pointy shoes and such, but looking at all these comebacks I guess fashion has a way of revamping itself. So there is a possibility that one day, my children will wear skinny jeans, only with a different name and a different style.


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