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By Nicola Hansford

Every person experienced high school differently, so no one can prepare you for your high school reunion. However, there are things that are inevitable and things we can make sure of.

I don’t think anyone particularly enjoyed high school. The nerds wanted to be the cool kids and the cool kids had to worry about hiding their insecurities every day. The normal kids would have sold their family to be abnormal… It was a vicious cycle and tough on everyone. Now we have been invited back for the reunion and, as human beings, there is nothing we hate more than the unknown. But will it really be any different than it was in high school? You would be surprised. 

We were all trying to find ourselves, stealing other people’s identities and making them our own (I could say the same for boyfriends), all trying to fit in to this pond they called high school. No matter whom you were, you wanted everyone to like you, who you were kissing, and what you were wearing, in reversed order. Going back to the pond is a daunting thought, but if we had to break it down we can see it might not be that scary at all. This is how it pans out in my mind…

The Cool Cats. This will be the group you notice first as you walk in to your school hall. They will probably be slightly tipsy already, and be more friendly than you can recall. This group would include the prettiest girls and the hottest guys in your year. It would be safe to say that the majority of the men will now be balding and sporting a sexy beer boep, while the girls will be wearing their teenage miniskirts and tops that will reveal how many times they have been in the sun over the past ten years, as well as how many children they have fed.

Next up, The Blackberries. These you will not recognise from a bar of soap. They will all be dressed in black, Blackberry’s firmly attached to their ears, with a look of sternness upon their masked faces. These people did come to your school; they had their heads in their books most of the time – that’s why you only recognise their hairstyles. When walking past them, try avoid eye contact, as they are probably having a very important phone call to Richard Branson or Barrack Obama. Don’t try putting in a good word for yourself after two glasses of wine.

The Norms. These are my personal favourite. They would have gone through a ‘rough’ patch at school – maybe even tried the gothic route – so try imagining them with lots of heavy eyeliner and black home-dyed hair, and you are bound to recognise them. That gothic stage was just to make sure everyone knew they could be messed up too, even though they lived with parents that attended every PTA meeting and were always part of every committee, had lots of money and adored their children. The gothic stage was all a show for us, and no one else. Scrub the black away and they will now be wearing floral summer dresses, not a hair out of place and with a face of flawless make-up. Their topic of conversation will no doubt be how many babies they have and how to entertain guests at dinner parties.

The Love-to-Hate Them. These men and women were once cheerful-eyed and bushy-tailed. They did everything there was to do at school, and, well… just to add salt to the wound… They could dance, sing, act, throw a ball, catch a ball, swim, run, jump, when I say everything I mean everything, including getting straight A’s, except for a one B+. Shame. They will still be gorgeous, still painfully likeable and genuinely interested in your boring life. They will be the perfect combination of The Blackberries and The Norms. They are simply the people you love to hate, but at the same time, can’t hate, because they are too nice.

Welcome back! Nice to know that nothing and no one has changed, except for a few wrinkles and beer bellies. High school is definitely not all Zac Efron with flawless good looks, and Vanessa Hudgens – who looks twenty-five – but is meant to be sixteen. It is a mixture of little odd-looking fish trying desperately to get through it without being noticed too much, and coming back after all these years, it is exactly the same, with a few minor adjustments.

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