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By Nicola Hansford

Hair done-check; flawless make up-check; outfit that makes all the good bits perky-check; control over nerves when we see him- vomit.

Every girl has the same sleepless night. It starts when the invitation arrives for your 10th high school reunion, and the reminiscing of the good old days begin, but nothing can prepare your stomach for when your mind involuntarily throws out a picture of HIM, in all his wonderful youth and glory. The cold sweats begin, and there goes your beauty sleep for the next few weeks. Nothing can prepare any girl for when they see their first love for the first time in ten years, but is it really love we feel, when we were in school dresses three sizes too big, with a breakout of pimples due to our confused hormones and braces? Really? Should we really try to rekindle the old flame?

High School sweethearts?

According to web site only 2% of high school sweethearts end up getting married and staying together. That’s not too promising, is it? Unfortunately, being women, we all believe we are different to statistics, therefore our emotions will get the better of us, so we must do what we do best – PREPARE!

After concentrating on your career for the past ten years, we forget what nutritious, healthy food is – as in, if it’s not in a microwavable dish or says ‘Ready To Eat’ on it, we don’t buy it. This has inevitably lead our body to a state that only our pets love. So, we have a month to get that sorted out, start eating at Kauai instead of KFC, and get the spiderwebs off your running shoes you’ve had since Matric. Let’s see if the shoe still fits – that will surely be a sign.

The next state to get under control is your HAIR, and I don’t mean the matted mass of odd colours on our head, I mean everywhere. Underarms should not look like a harvesting nest for small animals, and legs should not look like our brothers did in Matric. We trying to attract the opposite sex, not mimic them! Waxing is the best option for this amount of hair removal. A friendly tip: Take a mild painkiller before the appointment, and use Vaya cream (R24.95) for ingrown hairs. It is available at most grocery shops and chemists. As for the hair on your head, try washing it. That ought to do it.

Now, for the fun part: dressing up! This does not mean jeans instead of sweat pants, pumps instead of slippers or mascara instead of a blemished, tired-looking face. I’m talking about a stunning dress that pinches in at the waist, a plunging neckline, killer heels to show off our new smooth and silky, slightly toned-looking legs that we have worked so hard for. Make-up should be shimmery and natural – a light foundation, nude shimmers on the eye, with a charcoal eye-liner and black mascara, and as for the lips, just a gloss will do the trick. Gisele Bundchen, move over!

Now that we are the missing link to the supermodel world, we can face HIM with confidence and poise. Going back to an old relationship can be confusing and a war between your head and your heart, but it is up to you to be rational and think about the situation. A heart will always want what it can’t have, that is part of being a human. This needs to be thought through with a very level head, because while the heart wants what it can’t have, that does not mean it is the right thing. Your heart remains an infant its entire life and your mind the stern, but caring parent. You need to teach it what is right for you, and that even though it hurts, wanting something doesn’t mean you need it or that it’s good for you.

Your first love might be nice to think about every now and again, just like any other relationship, but, remember that it ended for a reason. It was broken, and it would take a very strong heart and mind to fix another broken heart. Having said that, we still want to feel wanted, so we have to look our best, and maybe a dinner date with him won’t do any damage. That could allow the mind to make a decision. I think the best thing to do if your heart throws a tantrum, and your mind grows a rubber arm, is to take it all slowly. That way, you will fall in love all over again, or remember why you broke up all those years ago.

We have been told throughout our lives not to repeat our mistakes and to rather learn from them, but, being women, our hearts are bigger and tend to forget with ease, so we bump our heads more often than need be. However, without those bumps there would be a swallowing grave of regret that we would have to live with. So why not give it another go? If the butterflies still make you feel like you might take off at any given moment, why not?! Another bump won’t kill you, nor will a happily ever after.

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